About First Ward

In the early 1900’s, a very rare and unique community thrived in Charlotte’s First Ward. It was a place where people from diverse backgrounds lived, worked and discovered they weren’t so different after all.

In the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina, these residents found comfort and inspiration. They found a place to raise their families. They found First Ward, a community where people from different walks of life walked together.

One hundred years later, First Ward will become a cultural destination once again. Together, the community and Levine Properties will build a bridge between First Ward’s storied past to its bright, new future.

Our Vision

First Ward’s new future will include apartments, hotels, office space, and at the center of it all a grand park. This revitalization will restore its diverse culture by giving people a place to live, work, and play together.

At the center of First Ward will be a true common ground, designed by renowned park architect JP Shadley.

"I drew inspiration from elements that are native to Charlotte and combined them with input from local residents to create a space that the community can enjoy, own and connect with emotionally" says Shadley.

It’s time for First Ward’s diverse past to influence its inspiring future. With Levine Properties and the support of the community, First Ward will transform into a destination where people will live, visit, share experiences and create memories together just as they did generations ago.